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2/6/2008 - Electronic Sports League


Like most of you know at this time, OJK registered itsself on the site this website is a site which organises competitions and championships. Therefore, we are going to join some competitions! This also means our clan has to seriously start training!


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31/5/2008 - Revival?


As most of you have experienced or noticed OJK fell into a deep slumber thanks to inactivitie of most of it's members. This is from one side understandable, this is the hardest time of the year to keep activitie up due to exams and other tests.

About a week ago, or a bit longer, the OJK council decided they had to stop this, OJK could not be lost! And we gathered all our spare time and got OJK back active. Now we try to keep the activitie up, and that is what we are going to do aren't we?

Give it all your best shot and make OJK not just a clan...

Make it a LEGEND!
Make it an ICON!
Make it US


Another recent event is our new member Chrobus, we al love him and have welcomed him into the clan with a wild cheer!

Welcome to the Order of Jedi Knights, Chrobus!

We hope many will follow him.


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5/3/2008 - OJK Counter training.

Members present:

Alien, Reva, Nobel, Hawk,

Guest: Wolkie

Instructor: Are'otus  

This training consisted of different parts, it was based on the movement called: Blue uppercut, performed by crouching, press forward button and attack in blue stance.

First of, Are' explained the use of this attack versus kata's, delay hits, obvious frontal attacks and eventually the blue uppercut itself.

First exercise: Are' gave himself and Alien protection and let them jump at Nobel and Reva. Hawk and Wolkie weren't present yet at that time.

Person A jumps at Person B and person B is supposed to sidestep and counter with Blue uppercut. This training trains your precision, timing and evasion skills.

Second exercise: Alien and Nobel were assigned to kata the other person, the other person was to counter it with Blue uppercut. After 5 deaths of the person who performed kata, the other person was to use kata.

Person A attacks Person B with Kata attacks. (Attack + Alt. Attack buttons at the same time, and forward jump and attack  in yellow and red stance.)  Person B was to counter with  Blue Uppercut

Third Exercise:  Duel engagement only to use blue uppercut. This  gave the students a little impression how to counter Blue Uppercut.

Fourth Exercise: FFA only Blue Uppercut.

End of training.

Students Please reply with comments on this training.


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4/3/2008 - OJK Siege Training

OJK just had Siege training,

Our very first one XD!!

It didn't really work out though, some people didn't know what the objective was, we should have prepared better! But oh well we gave the peeps some impression of what siege is, and that's what it is about, I kinda lost my temper keeping tked excidently over and over..

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4/3/2008 - PreddyBlog

Hey all,


Welcome to this site, I just created it and I hope that all of you can read our OJK updates, this is much faster then the site and therefore easier for me, also I will be updating this when we for example had a clanmatch or training and about what.


Cheers you guys,




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